Morasch Meats

Blue Ribbon Beginnings

Morasch Meats was first established as Blue Ribbon Food Service in 1956, by Mel Morasch.  The business started as a home food service with hand cut and wrapped sides of beef and freezer sales delivered directly to the home.

As business grew so did the need for a larger facility.  In 1980 the Morasch family broke ground at our current location on N.E. 158th Avenue, in Portland Oregon. In 1981 Morasch Meats received USDA grant of inspection and continued to move onto the TQC produce and ship.  At that time, Morasch Meats was one of only fifty plants in the US with such qualifications.  Since then we have added 3 additional buildings to efficiently handle our growing business.

Today we make both Morasch Brand products and many private label items.  Our products and versatility include Ground Beef to Hand Cut Steaks, portioned Kabobs to retail ready cut and packed items.

Whatever the product may be, Morasch Meats has you covered with the best in Quality Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb.

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Eco Friendly

Small Carbon Footprint

We are working everyday to lessen our carbon foot print and become a zero waste manufacturing facility.  Some of our efforts include solar power and

eco-friendly waste management.